Some netty flix supernatural shows…

(Via Netflix) He was literally a latchkey kid.

Dad dies tragically so ma and sprogs move to small town and spooky family mansion, seething with secrets.

(Via Netflix) The Addams family summer home.

Episodes watched : One.

Been there, seen that. Cool idea, same old execution. I just didn’t feel any burning curiosity to keep going. So I jumped to…

Via Netflix

Grandad dies mysteriously so the fam move back to a small town and the mansion, which is way less pretty.

(Via Netflix) Too much Ivy League.

But sarky humour and cute gay boy, so I was hopeful.

(Via Netflix) Except his name is Geoff. GEOFF??!!

Episodes watched : Four – ish.

I realised the teens couldn’t act, the monster quota was way down and the script was becoming a cringy PSA. The writers needed to take a hefty dose of ‘Milkovich’.

(Via Showtime) Mickey and Ian on Shameless, Season 10

And I needed to switch to…

Via Netflix

Dad has killed himself BUT it’s mysterious. They never left the small town and no mansion as poo-er.

(Via Netflix) Sad Face.

I coped with the voice over coz more of an inner monologue and I coped with the continuing 80’s renaissance (half Stephen King and half John Hughes) but I couldn’t keep on coping, when every character is so samey! No surprises and no variations. Also not enough mystery.

Episodes watched : Six (half hour duration) really only three.

I was feeling despondent until I finally tried…

Via Netflix

Dead Dad – Check.

Mum and sons return to small town – Check.

Macabre mansion of the bad guys – Uber check.

Via Netflix – Atlas of Wonders. com

I didn’t think I could cope with the serial killer glasses.

(Via Netflix) But he loses them. PHEWF.

And this one is different. Not just cause it’s Norwegian and set in the most amazeballs location.

Via Netflix – Atlas of

The teens are gormless, the baddies bizarre and fun, the gaining of powers “realistic” and I cared in a short space of time. Ticks all round.

Alas the love interest is a dull plot device, they kill off the best female character and the ending is SO LAME I almost threw the TV out the window. Still I felt more gripped, amused and transported than watching that other supernatural shizzle.

So why not give it a try? Season 2 promises a chance for redemption.

(Via Netflix) Thor.
(Via Netflix) Loki.
(Via Netflix) And that guy.

What else you gonna do in the apocalypse?