Foul mouthed, hard drinking, hot-headed heroines…

Lets start with No OffenceSeason 3

‘Rough as guts’ but a good cop (and human) DI Vivienne Deering goes rogue getting the bad creeps off the streets of Manchester.

How often does a fat, crude, middle aged woman get to be the smart, tough hero of the piece? Umm never… until now.

Via Channel 4

No Offence is grim and gritty but also female focused and funny. Of course its funny, it’s Paul Abbot who birthed Shameless.

So why you wonder, are you only hearing about it now?

Like I said, grim. Seasons 1 & 2 deal with rape and paedophilia but then season 1 had a unbelievable denouement and season 2 was very convoluted so I wasn’t sure how to best define the show.

Series 3 was the least confronting and most conventional. And SPOILER ALERT there’s finally a romantic spark betwixt ‘wild child’ Dinah and Spike the married stalwart. Honestly I’ve been gagging for this from day one.

So I’m hoping for a season 4.

But if you’re not as shallow as me then go back to series 1 & 2 for damn fine suspense and drama with a shit ton of irreverence.

But if you are shallow or feeling faint of stomach, there is an easy alternative.

Wynonna EarpSeason 3

The great (times a lot) granddaughter of Wyatt Earp (yes that one) has to vanquish demons in her home town.

Via Syfy, CTV Sci Fi Channel

Wynonna has an attitude problem, a drinking problem and would cuss like a sailor but it’s not HBO. It’s trashy, escapist supernatural fun.

It has a love triangle I don’t hate.


Instead of a ‘white bread’ ken doll v. another ‘white bread’ ken doll, Wynonna gets…

Ex – military secret agent, Xavier Dolls .

(Via Syfy, CTV Sci Fi Channel) Damn he is fine as hell.

And gen-u-ine cowboy Doc Holliday (yes that one).

(Via Syfy, CTV Sci Fi Channel) Damn, he is fine as well.

And if that weren’t enough eye candy, younger sister Waverly is making time with a hot cop, called Officer Haught (yes that pun).

Via Syfy, CTV Sci Fi Channel

So why are you only hearing about this now, also weirdly in season 3??

Because the actor playing Wynonna got knocked up before season 2.

Via Syfy, CTV Sci Fi Channel

Kudos to not cancelling the show or replacing the actor. And more kudos to Melanie S for playing a kick ass action star, while up the duff. Never seen that…until now.

BUT I’m not a fan of pregnancy (yes I’m prejudiced, sue me) so series 2 didn’t have the charm of 1 and I couldn’t give y’all my stamp of approval till season 3 bounced back.

Ignore the cheap fx and power through the dreadful pilot, first time I only made it through 5 minutes but I came back (after much reassurance) and dang if I wasn’t soon hooked.

And if neither of those rip your nightie. Watch season 9 of Taskmaster with Aoteoroa’s very own Rose Matafeo. She’s hot headed and potty mouthed. I don’t know if she likes a drink but I do know I’ve never been prouder of a Kiwi making it overseas in my entire life.