Feel Good – feels aight.

Via Channel 4; Netflix

I started watching Feel Good coz I have a crush on creator/star Mae Martin who is not only hilarious but looks like a hot Peter Pan.

Via Bustle : Photo by Matt Crockett

Imagine my delight when the show turned out to be actually funny. Brit comedy light. Awkward in the best way with occasional real feels.

If you liked Crashing you’ ll probably like this show. And I mean Crashing the UK series, about 20 somethings’ living in an abandoned hospital, the less famous but still charming cousin of Fleabag.

Via Channel 4; Netflix

NOT Crashing the US series, which as far as I can tell (from the teeny blips I’ve seen channel surfing) is about a straight white guy trying to make it in the world of stand up. BOOOOOOOO no one cares. Shame on you Judd Apatow for being involved.

(Via HBO) That dude needs a punch in the face.

Lisa Kudrow has a choice cameo as Mae’s uptight mother but mostest fun is Sophie Thompson as Mae’s batty NA sponsor. And she’s Emma Thompson sister! I never even knew that was a thing or rather a person.

(Via Channel 4; Netflix) Another Thompson. Mind Blown!

The object of Mae’s desire starts off kinda drippy and the romance very PG13. Lots of kissing and spooning and not much else.

(Via Channel 4; Netflix) An English rose whose name I have forgotten.

But George (I had to look it up) works for the story and the comedy and they start showing more realistic ‘girl on girl’ sex but with just as much awks.

So if you need a break from the apocalypse (IRL or on any number of TV shows) this makes a good palate cleanser. You can easily gobble it down in one sitting.

Show of shame…

I’ve been sick.

So what? It’s winter. Everyone’s sick.

I’m not looking for sympathy. I’m asking for absolution, because when I’m sick I can only watch trash or musicals. Or both.

You know what’s coming…

Netflix has Glee. All 6 ‘sparkly unicorn poop’ seasons of it.

Via Netflix

I need to add a disclaimer*

*I hate hate HATE the glee club teacher Will Schuster (and the actor, someone something) I hate his butt chin. I hate his sweater vests. I hate his inspirational. speeches. I hate his smug little smile. I hate his singing and dancing.

(Via Netflix) I’m so sensitive ladies.

And I hate to infinity that he was seen as some kind of hottie. He clearly thinks so and it makes me want to ‘vom’ in my mouth. Repeatedly.

But as you know, I love love love teen cliques, costume changes, a good lip sync and cute gay boys.

And there’s only so many times a day I can watch baby Spiderman twerking to “Umbrella”.

(Via Comedy Central) What happens when you get bitten by a radioactive arachnid.

That’s a lie.

I could watch it over and over for forever and ever.

But it’s under 3 minutes and I was sick  for 3 days!! Desperate times. 

More disclaimers*

* I only watched the good bits. Yes there are good bits but there was ALOT of fast forwarding.

*I only watched the first season. And… a bit of the second.

For Blaine and Kurt.

(Via Netflix) I ship them.

And Brittany and Santana.

(Via Netflix) How Bring it On should have gone down.

I didn’t re – watch all 6 seasons. I’m not a monster!

(Via ABC ; Fox) Except once a month.

So judge me but don’t judge me cause I know y’all have shameful shows that you watch on the DL and I forgive you.

Unless it’s Will and Grace (the reboot) and then you’re going straight to hell.

No excuses. No refunds. No mercy.