Bridgerton 2 – the good, the bad & the ugly. (SPOILERS)


1: Insanely hawt ‘URST’ between Anthony and Kate, the likes of which I haven’t seen since Buffy and Angel or Maverick and Iceman…no just me?

And when they finally did ‘bow chicha wow wow’ they didn’t lose any of their spark or chemistry, which as we know from countless other movies/shows/books is a bloody miracle.

(Via Netflix) Is that a gun in your breeches?

2 : The smackdown drag out fight between my other favourite twosome, Eloise and Penelope. It hurt but it ‘hurt so good’ because the rift will create much juicy suspense and angst for season three.

(Via EW) Donut ever talk to me again.

3: Pall Mall the Bridgerton family version, almost as bloodthirsty and competitive as croquet in Heathers.

4: Newton, the cutest most chonkiest most eligible bachelor in the ton.

(Via Netflix) Watch out Charlotte there’s a new royal in town.


1: The first four episodes. Anthony and Kate smouldered but the rest of the characters were on repeat or languishing on the side lines. They’re gonna have to smoosh books 3 and 4 into the next season or everyone will fall asleep…no just me?

2: Benedict not being gay or bi. He’s an artist, what more do you need? Also his hair is the floofiest…apart from Newton. Cannot believe they have diverse casting and historically inaccurate…well everything but somehow no queer main characters. It’s bollocks!

(Via Netflix) BENEDICT BRIDGERTON EST IL GAY ? Even the French agree.

3: The lack of sweaty half naked hotties in the boxing ring. The Duke is absent (he’s doing a Katherine Heigl departing Grey’s) William is fully dressed (his cravet done up so tight I’m surprised he can breathe) and Anthony’s long hot baths are just not cutting the mustard.

(Via Netflix) Yeah mate we’re ALL frustrated.

4: The flashback to daddy Bridgerton looking ten years older than Anthony. With a whopping seven million $$ budget per episode, I think they could’ve afforded a younger actor.

(Via Netflix) Daddy, was I born when you were 10?


Lord Fife, causing trouble between Anthony and Kate, breaking Pen’s heart by making Colin deny any smidge of attraction to her, generally lurking in the background with his terrible leer and terrible hair. Don’t remember him? Neither does anyone else, I couldn’t find a single picture online.

Guess it’s time for a re- watch.