Warning – Grown Up Series

It’s not often that I like things so I was as shocked as anyone that I was loving Years and Years, a proper drama for proper grown ups. My mum could watch it. I actually told my mum to watch it.

Via BBC One ; HBO

It helps that it’s created by TV writing god Russell T Davies, who wrote the O.G gay series Queer as Folk in 1999. (And loads of other quality stuff including revivifying Doctor Who.)

(Via Channel 4) Before he was Jax in SOA, before he was Littlefinger in GOT and the one who never got famous.

And that the main love story is between these two gorgeous men.

(Via BBC One) Proving that absolutely no-one looks good in a turtleneck.

But before you go thinking I’m only there for the perving, I told my mum to watch it. My mum who (despite being a grown ass woman over 70) complains when there’s too much sex on the telly. So I’m not gonna send her into a shag fest.

Years and Years starts in 2019, focusing on a middle class UK family as things start to unravel. For 5 episodes it shows plausible/possible/believable technological, social and political changes that occur in the next ten years.

It’s scary because horrific stuff happens but ‘normal’ day to day life carries on. Until it doesn’t.

It’s scary because it’s the world we already live in and the world we’re heading toward.

It’s scary because the characters are relatable and the relationships real. (I proper cried like a non grown up and that only occurs over animals.)

And it’s funny and diverse and stuffed full of fab actors. It’s not perfect but it’s pretty fucking close.

And then we hit the final episode.


Via goat.com.au


Via pinterest.com


Via giphy.com


The series loses it’s shit and goes completely pear shaped.

And I’m left open mouthed like a slack jawed yokel, wondering how it could all go so horribly wrong.

Some called the ending big. Or bold. Or biblical. Or maybe the same reviewer said all three. But you know what I say …

Via keepcalms.com ; by Kevin

Because the very things that made Years and Years so powerful were wiped away by the bollocks ending.

So watch at your own peril. Maybe you’re more forgiving than me.

I’m going back to trashy teen land where no one can let me down like that again.

(Via Netflix) Elite – Season 2. Even better than the real thing.

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