Show of shame…

I’ve been sick.

So what? It’s winter. Everyone’s sick.

I’m not looking for sympathy. I’m asking for absolution, because when I’m sick I can only watch trash or musicals. Or both.

You know what’s coming…

Netflix has Glee. All 6 ‘sparkly unicorn poop’ seasons of it.

Via Netflix

I need to add a disclaimer*

*I hate hate HATE the glee club teacher Will Schuster (and the actor, someone something) I hate his butt chin. I hate his sweater vests. I hate his inspirational. speeches. I hate his smug little smile. I hate his singing and dancing.

(Via Netflix) I’m so sensitive ladies.

And I hate to infinity that he was seen as some kind of hottie. He clearly thinks so and it makes me want to ‘vom’ in my mouth. Repeatedly.

But as you know, I love love love teen cliques, costume changes, a good lip sync and cute gay boys.

And there’s only so many times a day I can watch baby Spiderman twerking to “Umbrella”.

(Via Comedy Central) What happens when you get bitten by a radioactive arachnid.

That’s a lie.

I could watch it over and over for forever and ever.

But it’s under 3 minutes and I was sick  for 3 days!! Desperate times. 

More disclaimers*

* I only watched the good bits. Yes there are good bits but there was ALOT of fast forwarding.

*I only watched the first season. And… a bit of the second.

For Blaine and Kurt.

(Via Netflix) I ship them.

And Brittany and Santana.

(Via Netflix) How Bring it On should have gone down.

I didn’t re – watch all 6 seasons. I’m not a monster!

(Via ABC ; Fox) Except once a month.

So judge me but don’t judge me cause I know y’all have shameful shows that you watch on the DL and I forgive you.

Unless it’s Will and Grace (the reboot) and then you’re going straight to hell.

No excuses. No refunds. No mercy.

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