Lemony Snicket. Look away … spoilers!

Having not read the books (Should I?) and having forgotten the 2004 movie ruined by Jim Carrey’s irritating schtick , I had no idea how A Series of Unfortunate Events was gonna end.

So I was giddy. Finally the answers to so many questions!

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And queasy. Would it? Could it possibly live up to the weight of my expectations?

Via Netflix

Alas dear reader, it failed.

Kit Snicket and Count Olaf as long lost loves? Not buying it.

The snake, the apple, the anti Garden of Eden? Too obvi.

The amazing costumes becoming tie dye hippie robes. Booooooo!

Via Netflix

Also TOO MANY BABIES! One baby (with wit and werewolf teeth) is quite acceptable but two is a bridge too far.

That very night I dreamt of babies (*SHUDDER*) and still wanted more from the end.

More swag. More style. A glorious and noble finale.

Going out with a bang! (Not a limping whimper)

I know that it’s easy to start and hard to finish but it’s just not good enough ‘author dude’

You not only let me and the Baudelaires down, you let yourself down.

I will be speaking to your father about this.

Via Netflix

One thought on “Lemony Snicket. Look away … spoilers!

  1. Definitely agree about the ending! I really enjoyed all the other stories but that ending felt off, not in keeping with the rest. And yeah I don’t buy Kit and Olaf. Good analysis!

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